Hastings RX Morris

Who We ARe

Hastings RX Morris are a Cotswold Morris Dancing Team. Founded in 1976 as Mad Jack’s Morris we have both a men’s and a women’s team. We practice and dance separately but also dance together our RX tradition.

Joining us

All are welcome to join us. We practice most Mondays (apart from Bank Holidays and August) at Ore Community Centre at 455 Old London Rd, Hastings TN35 5BH from 8pm until 10pm.

Contacting us

Email us at info@hastingsrxmorris.org.uk

Where to see us

4th June 2024 c.20:00 John Harvey Tavern with Mish Mash Morris

15th June 2024 c.10:30 Sussex Day of Dance in Lewes

27th June 2024 19:30 Brighton Tour with Brighton Morris

6th July 2024 Dancing in Abingdon with Mr Hemmings Traditional Morris.

11th July 2024 19:30 St Leonards-On-Sea tour with Rheda’s Dream Morris

14th September 2024 Windsor Day of Dance with Windsor Morris

19th September 2024 Royal Oak and Castle Pevensey with Anderida Morris

2023 – Name change

Our original name was based on the locally known philanthropist, John ‘Mad Jack’ Fuller, the one-time squire and MP of the nearby village of Brightling who, was regarded in his lifetime, as bit of a character: he built many follies, one of which is the “Sugar Loaf”, which formed part of the side’s logo. He also saved Bodiam Castle from demolition; financed the building of the Belle Tout Lighthouse atop Beachy Head; instituted the first Eastbourne lifeboat; and supported Brightling’s church, bells, and organ, amongst other things. 

We first practiced in Catsfield and members came from nearby villages and towns. It felt appropriate to have a name not related to a particular area. However for at least the last twenty five years we have practiced in Hastings.

In 2023 Mad Jacks Morris became Hastings RX Morris. This rebranding of the existing side was done in order to reflect our rich history of dancing in Hastings and the surrounding areas, and to better place us geographically. Hastings is our home location with our practices being held in Ore Community Centre and our side regularly dancing throughout the year in Hastings. 

RX represents our local fishing fleet and the surrounding areas – many of which house our current members! 

This decision was also taken in conjunction with feedback from the local community. Since forming in 1976 evidence became available which showed that John Fuller owned plantations in Jamaica and derived some of his wealth from them. Perhaps not surprisingly, he was a supporter of slavery and an anti-abolitionist.  The side made a decision to remain named Mad Jacks for a short period after this evidence was brought to our attention with the intention of raising awareness of the past, but in no way condoning any of Jack Fullers views. In our current society we recognise that it is no longer acceptable to remain named after this individual, and therefore we have changed our name.

Our colours of red, gold and blue are the colours of the Cinque Ports of which Hastings is one of the originals.